Naturism in the Emilia Romagna Region

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The Emilia Romagna region has a long lasting naturist tradition. It is the first Italian region that issued a law recognizing, encouraging and promoting naturist tourism.
Emilia Romagna has also an old tradition of hospitality for those who dislike swimsuits.
In fact there are several qualified naturist facilities in this region, which also boasts magnificent beaches, both on the sea and its rivers: the Lido di Dante, with its historic Bassona beach, has now become a real tourist naturist destination, and it is almost the only case in Italy, where nudism gives its contribution to the national economy.
This is happened because Aner - Naturist Association Emiliano-Romagna has actively contributed to the success of naturism in its region; in particular supporting the issue the Regional Law on naturism and the institution of the Bassona naturist beach, in Lido di Dante.
That’s why in Emilia Romagna naturism means  ANER! ..
Taking part to the Naturist Festival 2017 will be an opportunity for you to learn about a very special region.
BEACHES (see map below)
1. Lido di Dante
2. Lido di Volano
3. River Trebbia
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Come to the Naturist Festival

A great celebration by the sea, with dances and dances, music, theater and art under the stars. And again: games on the beach, hiking, wellness, culture naturist and more, in as strictly Adamic. The #festivalnaturista 2017 awaits you in Lido di Dante 25 to 28 May at the Camping Classe FKK, to usher in the summer season. You can choose to settle down in one of the village homes, or come with your camper, caravan or tent. The Naturist Festival is for everyone.

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