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Posted by Wednesday, 02-22-2017

The Naturist Trekking

The activity within the Naturist Festival 2017 that probably will raise more interest is be the naturist trekking. This event will be held in the Pineta di Classe and in the dunes of Bassona, in the Po Delta Regional Park.

From the morning until early in the afternoon on Saturday May 27 participants will walk in full nudity on a comfortable path authorized by the Park Authority.
Departure is scheduled at 8:00 am from Camping Classe FKK; the path through the Pinewood of Classe leads to the mouth of Bevano where there will be the possibility of a swim.
It is recommended to wear walking shoes, a hat or a cap, and to take plenty of sunscreen and drinking water. Of course you can take and carry whatever else you wish.
Participation at the trekking is open to all and of course in the nude.
Posted by Tuesday, 02-21-2017

Naturist year award 2017

A yearly award is given by the Vita Naturista Mgazine to those who, in the previous year, have promoted naturism in Italy in a special way with their activities or initiatives
This year the prize will be awarded with a ceremony to be held at the 2017 Naturist Festival.
The award, organized in thematic sections, this year will be awarded at a special ceremony to be held during the Festival Naturist the day May 28, 2017.
The Nudist of the Year Award 2017 will be given to:
ANER - Naturist Association of Emilia Romagna, for the constant activity of promotion of naturism at all levels.
In particular ANER  achieved the goal of promoting the first Italian regional law on naturism (LR 31 July 2006 n. 16).  Also thanks to ANER the naturist beach of Lido di Dante was officially declared as naturist beach.
ANER has been always very active through the years and the number of its members has seen a significant growth.
Aner is part of CONAIT - Confederation Naturist Italian.
Posted by Saturday, 04-09-2016

Naturist year award 2016

The magazine Naturist Life Magazine has set up a special recognition for those who, in the previous year, have distinguished themselves with their activities or initiatives in the promotion and diffusion of Italian naturism, favoring the growth or creating entrepreneurial initiatives worthy of relief this field. The result is the annual premium Naturisti year.
The award, organized in thematic sections, this year will be awarded at a special ceremony to be held during the Festival Naturist the day June 11, 2015.
The Nudist of the Year Award 2016 is awarded to:
Assonatura - Naturist Association of social promotion, represented by its President Davide Quaranta, for the intense, tenacious and constant activity of promotion and dissemination of naturism at all levels it operated, achieving, however, obtaining the law Naturist Piedmont ( Law no. 21/2015). These and other merits make Assonatura one of the most active naturist associations at national level, as also evidenced by the steady and significant growth in numbers.
Posted by Tuesday, 03-29-2016

Naked sport

Various sports competitions for children and adults, will be organized during the Festival: swimming competitions, tennis, volleyball, athletics, strictly bare all, will see opposing factions for the occasion will face in the field.
And also: table tennis, table football and something to surprise.
Posted by Tuesday, 03-29-2016

Nude art

The art will be the background to the festival, its main theme.
Music, painting and theater will be its salt, to also feed the mind.
Various artists will enrich the Festival with their works; internship Body painting and Body art will color bodies and thoughts.
artistic photography workshops will be conducted in the field, with the direct involvement and public participation.


Posted by Tuesday, 03-29-2016


The program is still being finalized, and is still ongoing. Any suggestion is welcome to make our program more attractive.
Music, dances and animations make joyful atmosphere of this great event and will ensure guests staying together.
A concert and dance will alternate with shows and nude theater performances, day under the stars, in the shade of the pine forest or the beach.
Group games, for young and old, will cheer the event and make the Festival an opportunity joyous and light.


Posted by Tuesday, 03-29-2016


Various conferences and debates planned in the program of the Festival, ranging from issues of tourism Naturist those healthful or more typically cultural.
They will be held in different rooms or in the outdoor theater of the village, or in the various gazebos or tents specially furnished and located within the village itself.
Posted by Tuesday, 03-29-2016

The program

The Festival will be officially opened on Thursday morning May 25 and will end on Sunday, May 28 2017.
Another event not to be missed will be the naturist trekking in the pine forest and in the dunes of the Lido di Dante, which will take place in the Regional Park of the Po Delta.
Many joyful activities will take place during the festival, such as group games and entertainment
  • Holistic seminars
  • Nude art
  • Music and dancing under the stars
  • Nude theatre
  • Naked sport
  • Beach games, dancing and a bonfire on the beach
Everything naked dress code.
Suggestions of art will be part of the festival.
In the program you will find conferences and seminars for those who are interested in the cultural perspective of naturism, in its psychological and physical well-being, and in the naturist tourism.
A further event not to be missed will be the naturist trekking that will find its location on the cliffs above the local coast.
The program is yet to be finalized and it is still in progress. Any suggestion is welcome to make our program more interesting.
Posted by Saturday, 12-19-2015


Books, arts and crafts, health products, natural cosmetics and much more will be on display in the exhibition at the Festival.
There will also be a special stand dedicated to the Italian naturist tourist facilities and naturist associations with their information materials.
Those who so wish will be able to propose to come to exhibit at their activities Festival. Participation is free.

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Come to the Naturist Festival

A great celebration by the sea, with dances and dances, music, theater and art under the stars. And again: games on the beach, hiking, wellness, culture naturist and more, in as strictly Adamic. The #festivalnaturista 2017 awaits you in Lido di Dante 25 to 28 May at the Camping Classe FKK, to usher in the summer season. You can choose to settle down in one of the village homes, or come with your camper, caravan or tent. The Naturist Festival is for everyone.

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