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The Naturist Festival 2017 awaits you in Lido di Dante (Ravenna), from May 25 to May 28, at the FKK Camping Classe.
The event, jointly organized with ANER - the Naturist Association of Emilia Romagna- now at its fourth edition, is a yearly appointment for Italian and European nude-naturism.
Shows, dances, songs, theater and music, body art and naturist culture. And again: games at the Bassona,Naturist beach. Naked yoga, naturist biodance, reiki, holistic sessions, excursions, art and books exhibitions, conferences and much more.
All of this is part of a colorful and cheerful big naked party early in the season.
Are you coming? Do not give up to experience this joyful event. You can choose your accomodation among a mobilhome or your camper, caravan or tent.
The Naturist Festival is an independent event and no membership to naturist association is required.
The Naturist Festival is for everyone.
 You can book directly at Camping:
Via Catone, s.n.
48124 Lido di Dante (Ravenna)
Telephone +39 0544 492005 / Fax +39 0544 492058
Mobile + 39 0335 5254711
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Tuesday, 02-14-2017

Orbetello 2016

The second edition of the Naturist Festival was held in Marina di Camerota, in the Cilento National Park, on the invitation of the municipal administration, which has also granted the patronage of the event, and the association naturist Unicampania, who has worked to event.
This edition has got a great response from the public;





Tuesday, 02-14-2017

The Bassona naturist beach

The naturist beach at Lido di Dante is certainly the best known Italian naturist beach and is also the largest, as it extends for over two kilometers.
It is a great sandy beach, protected by a magnificent dune and the lush Pineta di Classe which has been mentioned by the poet Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy.
The beach is located in the vicinity of the seaside resort town of Ravenna that carries the same name and stretches until the mouth of Bevano River to the south.
The naturist colonization of this beach dates back to the early '60s and it was limited at first to the Bassona or Baiona, namely the area next of the river delta; later the naturist community migrated to the Lido di Dante, taking up almost entirely this stretch of coastline.
The area is a part of the Po Delta Park, a natural environment and a landscape of great beauty. The setting of nudism on this beach is due to tough The action carried by Aner and its historical founder, Fidenzio Laghi through the years, led in 2002 to the issuing by the city council of the first decree, albeit temporary, that authorized naturism in the area.
Today the Lido di Dante is an international naturist destination, as most French naturist villages: this is not just a beach but a real tourist destination, the first and only destination for a naturist holiday in Italy.
In fact Lido di Dante hosts a naturist camping, but the Lido di Dante offers also a wide range of accommodation facilities as hotels, bed & breakfasts and restaurants hosting every year a large number of Naturists especially from Northern Europe.
A holiday in this region is also a precious opportunity to visit a magnificent region and get to know some of the Italian history, stating from the monuments of neighboring Ravenna, former capital of the Western Roman Empire, of the Ostrogoths and of the Byzantines.
Magnificent monuments of the past witness this ancient history; some of them such as the Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe, just behind Bassona have been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. Not to be missed is also the tomb of the greatest Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

The Emilia Romagna region has a long lasting naturist tradition. It is the first Italian region that issued a law recognizing, encouraging and promoting naturist tourism.
Emilia Romagna has also an old tradition of hospitality for those who dislike swimsuits.
In fact there are several qualified naturist facilities in this region, which also boasts magnificent beaches, both on the sea and its rivers: the Lido di Dante, with its historic Bassona beach, has now become a real tourist naturist destination, and it is almost the only case in Italy, where nudism gives its contribution to the national economy.
This is happened because Aner - Naturist Association Emiliano-Romagna has actively contributed to the success of naturism in its region; in particular supporting the issue the Regional Law on naturism and the institution of the Bassona naturist beach, in Lido di Dante.
That’s why in Emilia Romagna naturism means  ANER! ..
Taking part to the Naturist Festival 2017 will be an opportunity for you to learn about a very special region.
BEACHES (see map below)
1. Lido di Dante
2. Lido di Volano
3. River Trebbia
Tuesday, 02-14-2017

The Camping Classe

The Naturist Festival 2017 will take place at the Camping Classe FKK, an historical tourist facility in Lido di Dante, a town in the municipality of Ravenna, in the Po Delta Regional Park and near the historic Bassona beach, the longest Italian naturist beach.
The camp has an FKK reserved area, equipped with mobile homes for 2/3/4 people, in addition to sites for tents, campervans and caravans. as well as a swimming pool, a solarium and a snack bar. There is an easy access to the nudist beach via a short track through the historic Pineta di Classe. On the campsite there are also a supermarket, a restaurant, tennis, soccer and volleyball courts and a bocce ground.
Numerous sports and recreational activities are organized inside and outside the naturist area.
The Camping is close to the Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe, a masterpiece of Byzantine art in Italy.
Accomodation is available also for guests with tents, caravan or motorhomes on equipped areas.
Via Catone, s.n.
48124 Lido di Dante (Ravenna)
Telephone 0544 492005 / Fax 492058
Mobile 0335 5254711
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Tuesday, 03-29-2016


The Camping Classe is situated in Lido di Dante, a tourist resort of the southern shores of the municipality of Ravenna, located in the Regional Park of the Po Delta.
Via Catone
44.385029, 12.315428
 (see map below)
Tuesday, 03-29-2016

The Tuscan Maremma

The Maremma is a vast coastal area included, according to the poet Dante Alighieri, between Cecina, Tuscany, and Tarquinia, north of Civitavecchia, in Lazio,
The name Maremma originates from the Latin maritima, with obvius reference to the sea, but could deal with the vast marshes that once the not too distant it covered the lower areas and depressed.
The Maremma par excellence, its geographical and anthropological heart is whether it has the Maremma Grosseto, which roughly extends from Follonica, in the north, and the ditch of Chiarone, to the south, in the territory of Capalbio, which still today marks the historic border Southern Tuscany.
The Maremma is an area of great natural and landscape value, rich in historical centers and protected areas, which make it a tourist destination of world interest.
Some useful links:

Turismo in Toscana

Turismo in Maremma

Turismo a Grosseto

Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano

Parco Naturale della Maremma

Il Monte Argentario

La Costa degli Etruschi

Tuesday, 03-29-2016

Naturism in Tuscany

Rich in art and culture, Tuscany is also a land Naturist par excellence: by tradition and variety of natural environments, it is in fact the Italian region with the highest potential for tourism naturist.
From the magnificent dunes of the Tyrrhenian coast, the picturesque coves of the Island of Elba; Diaterna from the banks of the stream, to the endless beaches of Alberese or Capalbio, in fact, this region holds the national record as to naturist facilities and beaches, two of which, the Eagle's Nest and the Acquarilli beach on the island of Elba, they are officially authorized to practice naturist.
But Tuscany also precisely serves excellent naturist hospitality and qualified by various structures, which offer the opportunity to spend a naturist holiday in a landscape, cultural and artistic heritage of global significance. The inexhaustible historical and cultural heritage of Tuscany, with its famous food and wine traditions, then offer endless opportunities for excursions to discover its ancient historical centers and its landscape, as popular now in the eyes of the world as the very icon of the Italian landscape and the "Bel Paese".
Tuscany is also the land of spas, with many renowned centers throughout the region.

The beaches

  1. Romito-Sassoscritto
  2. Marina di Bibbona
  3. Nido dell'Aquila (spiaggia autorizzata)
  4. Buca delle Fate
  5. Acquarilli (spiaggia autorizzata)
  6. Castiglione della Pescaia
  7. Marina di Alberese
  8. Duna Feniglia
  9. Marina di Capalbio

Le strutture recettive

  1. Locanda di Terramare
  2. Agriturismo Bethsaid
  3. Le Masse
  4. Casa del Lecceto
  5. Agriturismo Costamara
  6. Agriturismo Terranera
  7. Pievevecchia
  8. Sassocorbo ecocampeggio naturista
Saturday, 12-19-2015

Naturist year award

Saturday, 12-19-2015

The naturist trekking

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Come to the Naturist Festival

A great celebration by the sea, with dances and dances, music, theater and art under the stars. And again: games on the beach, hiking, wellness, culture naturist and more, in as strictly Adamic. The #festivalnaturista 2017 awaits you in Lido di Dante 25 to 28 May at the Camping Classe FKK, to usher in the summer season. You can choose to settle down in one of the village homes, or come with your camper, caravan or tent. The Naturist Festival is for everyone.

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